Anna Gooch

Organic Therapist


Dr.Hauschka Skin Care - Wellbeing for preventative healthcare

Dr.Hauschka skin care has been recognised throughout Germany and the Netherlands for the past forty years as a trusted, high quality, holistic range of products and treatments. Developed after extensive research into healing plants and a deep understanding of the skin, it acknowledges the skin as a living breathing vital organ, the largest and highly complex organ of the body, deserving the very best care and consideration.

The healing plants used to make the preparations are lovingly grown bio-dynamically, a method of agriculture that feeds, and so regenerates the soil and works closely with the phases of nature - the seasons, and solar and lunar cycles believed to maximise the quality of the plant and in turn the potency and efficacy of the product. Most exacting and quite extraordinary care goes into creating these unique preparations and they are very pure and gentle; no perfumes, colours, preservatives or emulsifiers are included making them perfect for use during pregnancy and some even on small babies.

The same recognition of the life carrying rhythms of nature are also reflected in the treatment, the rhythms that constantly carry life around the body, the breath and the pulse, gently cleansing and nourishing, as therapist my hands work as an extension of these impulses to awaken and regulate.... "breathing hands". The treatments are deeply restorative and help strengthen all these major systems of the body that support the skin but in particular the lymphatic system as this is our front line defence against infection and illness.  Every part of the treatment has a specific purpose and the quiet, rhythmic movements and warm herbal compresses help take you to a very deep level of relaxation. The two-hour treatment is meticulously designed to emphasise balance, harmony and renewal making the treatments especially beneficial during times of transition and change.


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