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Dr.Hauschka Clarifying Treatment

It is invariably the case that it has taken a good deal of time for the skin to become out of balance resulting in a loss of normal function and the anxiety and distress that is caused by this skin condition. Somewhere along the way the skin has been knocked off kilter, genetics, hormones, lifestyle, a sluggish metabolism are all possible culprits. Dr.Hauschka skin care offers a solution that although not a quick fix will gently and effectively guide the skin back to a normal function and a healthy complexion.

This is a deep cleansing treatment designed to significantly help where there is congestion, inflammation and infection, it works on a very deep level to strengthen, regulate, heal and restore balance with a special emphasis on internal as well as external cleansing. The healing, calming, anti-inflammatory properties of lavender start the cleansing process with warm compresses, softening pore walls and allowing effective cleansing. An herbal steam inhalation of Nasturtium, Daisy and Witch Hazel has a deep cleansing strengthening effect and then the cleansing clay mask purifies and absorbs any excess oil. The unique lymphatic stimulation section performs a vital role in decongestion, elimination and repairing the skin. Crucial to encouraging the skin to function normally is the application of specific ampoules and a specialised mask helps renew damaged skin tissue and stimulates the skins own healing processes.

Your skin condition will be unique to you and as such will be most effectively treated by coming for an initial consultation and Clarifying Treatment. During this longer session we will take a holistic and in depth over view of  all aspects of the condition, start the cleansing and healing process, and put together an on going treatment and home care plan.

Initial Treatment time 2hrs 30mins  90

Subsequent treatments are 2hr duration and cost 85


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