Anna Gooch

Organic Therapist


Dr.Hauschka Hand Treatment

Our hands are our precious tools enabling us to perform the day-to-day tasks, activities and skills that enrich our lives and define us as individuals. Instruments of expression and communication they help us convey what we are thinking and feeling, but they are often taken for granted and end up suffering with problems such as aching joints, dry skin and dry, flaky nails.

Give your hands the care and attention they deserve with the Dr.Hauschka Hand treatment. Beginning with a consultation whilst your hands begin to soften and relax in a warm aromatic hand bath, then gentle treatment of the cuticles using the strengthening and enriching Neem nail oil and a cleansing, revitalising treatment to the hands. Next the flow of the unique rhythmic massage movements resonate much deeper through the body then just the hands helping to take you to a deep level of rest and recuperation. Quietness follows while the hands are enveloped in a richly nourishing, moisturising treatment pack and finally cleansed with warm fragrant compresses. Your hands will feel silky soft, soothed and revitalised.

Treatment time 1 hour  55


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