Anna Gooch

Organic Therapist


The Dr.Hauschka Treatment

Using only Dr.Hauschka skin care products this gentle healing treatment works to restore harmony and balance.

Start to relax and unwind with your feet in a warm sage foot bath while we discuss your individual needs and design your treatment accordingly.  Gentle massage of the feet and hands help to take energy away from the head so that you are fully relaxed and prepared for your facial to begin. Warm aromatic compresses, gentle rhythmic movements and a deeply connected quality of touch form the basis of this profound treatment. After cleansing the skin a herbal inhalation helps breathing and cleanses internally as well as externally, a beautifully cool deeply cleansing mask is applied to complete this part of the treatment. Lymphatic function is next awakened and enlivened by use of a combination of soft brushes and gentle but purposeful touch to help restore health and vibrancy to the skin. Rich dynamic preparations to nourish and rebalance the skin are followed by day care and a tailor made home care programme to carry forward the effects of the treatment.

This treatment is wonderful and effective as a one off, but has greatest benefit and accumulative effect with a regular treatment plan. Because the Dr.Hauschka treatment is very much about working with the cyclical rhythms of nature, months and seasons are significant and are good indicators as to when the treatment might be of most benefit to maintain rhythm, balance and harmony.

Two Hour Treatment  £85

Also now available

One Hour Treatment  £55

This one hour treatment has recently been made available as a supplementary session between full treatments, of course it doesn’t have the depth of the two hour facial but it is never the less useful as a ‘’taster’’ as well as for reaffirming the skin care technique, giving an interim skin care lift for those short of time and as an affordable gift for friends and family.


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