Anna Gooch

Organic Therapist


Dr.Hauschka Facial Firming Treatment

Retain a healthy radiant appearance irrespective of your age

Re-awakening the lymphatic system through effective and unique techniques, Dr.Hauschka works to actively care for the skin to soften and slow down the natural signs of ageing. The Facial Firming treatment has been specifically designed to help strengthen and support mature skin to improve elasticity, rejuvenate and regenerate resulting in smoother, firmer skin texture and tone.

The Facial Firming treatment follows the same basic stages of caring for the skin and strengthening the lymphatic system as the Dr.Hauschka treatment, then intensive dynamic preparations and a specific treatment mask are used to actively nourish and feed mature skin.

To maximise the effects of the treatment we will discuss how best to continue to care for the individual needs of your skin everyday at home. The Treatment is beneficial as a one off  but you will see much greater results if you come for an intensive course of three Facial Firming Treatments.

Two Hour Treatment  90


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