Anna Gooch

Organic Therapist


Dr.Hauschka Back Cleansing Treatment

Often forgotten, our backs are a tricky area of the body to look after. This is the ideal deep cleansing treatment to help clear congestion, detox, or simply to feel refreshed and revived.

Following the consultation and Sage footbath, warm fragrant compresses are applied to your back, which immediately helps relieve tension in the shoulders and lower back. Almond based cleansing cream is applied using the unique press and roll method that underpins all applications of Dr.Hauschka preparations, then deeper cleansing with purifying plant concentrate and a clay mask preparation complete this decongestion part of the treatment. A specific ampoule preparation to support the skin to rebalance and then a nourishing moisturiser concludes the treatment.

Treatment time 1 hour  55


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