Anna Gooch

Organic Therapist


After years working in the restaurant industry, the birth of my two children meant that I wanted to look for a change of direction more suited to fitting around family life. I wanted to be with my children as much as possible· and was keen to start up a small business that I could run from home that would give me this flexibility. After having struggled with post natal depression and, in the past, eating disorders I was interested in pursuing a line of work that would nurture, support and empower women. I decided that I would start working towards an ultimate goal of opening a small, very personalised home-based massage and beauty business. I finished the two year training fourteen years ago and began working in various high-street businesses to gain experience and put together a concrete business plan. Gradually though, I began to realise that my attitude towards the accepted beauty business had started to shift. Although I had worked in professional places, I became disillusioned with a lot of the practices I saw in the industry in general and felt that in many respects, far from making women feel better, the industry actively sought to prey upon their anxieties and insecurities. I felt that my integrity was being compromised and I knew that my primary motivation and passion was of a true care of people and that my disposition supported a far more natural, holistic and personalised approach, particularly in the area of body, skin care and facial treatments.

Simultaneous with this gradual reappraisal of my skills and interests I was also involved in horticulture and worked a four acre organic garden at home. I had completed a Royal Horticultural Society certificate and bio-dynamic growing course and was practising a lot of yoga, the combination of these pursuits prompted me to start focusing on health and well-being in general. Looking at what we put on our skins as well as the food we put into our bodies I was horrified at some of the substances that make up a lot of everyday products, especially as we often use a cocktail of many different ones at the same time. I started to seriously research organic skin care products and the philosophies behind them to be able to offer my clients a really good comprehensive organic alternative. My search was frustrating, many organic products were often far too ‘homemade’ to be practical for use in treatments and the ranges were very limited. I was still continuing my professional development with numerous further related courses and treatments but all aspects of my life experienced a seismic shift with the discovery of the Dr.Hauschka treatments and skin care range and that has really solidified and illuminated my future direction.

Dr. Hauschka was a pioneer of the organic, ethical and sustainable movement many years before it became accepted as it is today. Unsurpassable in quality and efficacy the skin-care range cares for all aspects of you, mind, body and spirit. Produced using biodynamic growing methods, their production practices are truly ethical reflecting a deep respect, integrity and commitment to the environment, community and to their clients who have the treatments and use the products and these guiding principles have helped to influence the way I lead my life both personally and professionally. I believe that our sense of well-being and the health of our bodies largely reflects the environment around us from the foods we eat to the chemicals we are exposed to. I feel a deep commitment towards the protection of the environment and an understanding that as stewards of this planet we have a personal responsibility towards its sustainability and to the health of it's inhabitants. 

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